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Article is one of the most important element in Internet marketing. In other word, if you are stuck in writing, then basically you will hang there forever. If you really want to be success in Internet Marketing, please continue to write.

Recently, I did some research where I just found out that almost 90% of the so called Guru in Internet marketing, like Ewen Chai, Eric and many many more also using outsourcing team to write the article for them and they just publish it at most of the site.

If yon want to be one of them, below are some of my suggestion:
1) You want hire one full time writer to write the articles for you as and when needed.

2) Find one partner that good in writing and share the profile.

3) Go to, or to get someone write for you. Each of the article, they roughly charge in the range of USD100 to USD1000. Depending on your length of the article.

By doing this, you can concentrate on some other areas like how to market your products, how to pull traffic and etc. Trust me, if you hire someone to write for you, basically you are cutting 50% of your time which will help you a lot on other things. Only pull back is you need to spend some money.

If you have the budget, why not. Outsource it.

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