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Which type of CPA program can have better conversion

If you want to involve in CPA affiliate program, below are some guideline for you while choosing the program:

1) Always remember you only can earn money when your visitor completed certain action, for example filling up form. The less field that required to fill in, you stand a better chance to earn the money. I would prefer something like filling only zip code which is the easiest almost the all action in CPA. Usually, this type of CPA will be something like playstation or any type of video playing program.

2) Always drive your traffic using PPC, eg. Adwords. Then you need to keep track on how's the conversion rate, if is good then keep the campaign and move on to other CPA program. How I calculate conversion? I will calculate based on the number of click and how many of the click convert to my sales, so in this case you need adwords reporting as well as your affiliate account summery, see how the conversion and I will base on if the CPA is simple, then I would expected minimum with 70% conversion rate, if anything less then that, I will tune my campaign until I have roughly that percentage.

3) If everything looks good, then leave your existing campaign and move to new campaign to promote new CPA program.

Note: Always concentrate on the CPA program that we minimum things to do, like just one or maximum 2 fields that you need your visitor to complete. Always remember to use PHP masking up your affiliate link to avoid your visitor aware that you are doing internet marketing. By doing this, I believe that you can increase your CPA income significantly.

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