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One of the easiest way to sell thing online is selling ebook. It can be any topic that you have interest or experience that you can write and compile it into a digital book, which we called ebook.

While preparing the ebook, you need the following points which I think are important:

1) Formats - usually in PDF format which is easy to produce by Adobe program.

2) Sizes and fonts - A4 size will be a good idea and I would like to use Verdana Font with 12 size.

3) Pages of the book - Try to include as much contents as possible, ideally 100 pages and above will help you to sell at a good price. Ideally, the price range will be USD9.97 to USD97.00, depending on your topic.

4) Elements - When preparing the ebook, your ebook should consist of Title of your book, table of contents and chapters. Some even included Legal Disclaimer Page as well as Resource Section. Those 2 will make your ebook looks more professional.

Usually, an ebook will need 2 to 3 months to complete and ideally get some reviewer to review your ebook before you launch it. This is for your to have some good testimonial before you launch your ebook to public.


Enjoy writing your own ebook.

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