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Using Twitter to promote your site

More and more people are using Twitter to promote their affiliate business, you can do the same too. Want to know how, keep reading. The steps are simple and straight to the point.

1) Go to Twitter and create a profile. Please create something that creative so that people would like to follow you as well as visiting your site. Think of something that can create the curiosity of people to visit your site.

2) Once that done, remember to put in your site URL into the profile so that your follower can visit your site.

3) The next is to look for the people that belong to the same topic and following them, usually I'm using

4) key in your search term and a list of the people will appear for you to follow.

5) Just follow 50 of them per day until you hit the number that you want to follow.

6) Remember to write at least one 140 character message and publish, this is to prevent you account being get banned. Write something that you can promote your site too.

I have doing this for past few months and I have at least 3000 followers that following me and at the same time I'm promoting my site too. Simple and free traffic.

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