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Using Camtasia to capture your presentation for your landing page

You know what type of landing page is more convince visitor to buy? For me, I want to see who is the who promoting this product to me. So the only way you can do that is using camtasia to capture your presentation as well as a nice picture of you will be much more convincing.

All you need to do are as below:
1) Prepare a very high level of description about the product that you want to promote, which is sort of introduction to the product.

2) The next is prepare a presentation or cap the product usage if you have purchased the product, else prepare the presentation slide using PowerPoint. If you are going to capture the screen of the product, the idea product will be camtasion which this software allow you to capture your screen while using the product. If you have mic, then record down the benefits of the product while you are using it. Record down the screen and save it as avi file and send to youtube, get the code in order to put it into your landing page.

If you are using the presentation slide model, please doing some research on the products. List down the advantages and disadvantages of the product together with some testimonial of the product, this can be done easily via the owner sales page. Once you presentation slide is ready, put it up to which allow you to post your PowerPoint file into the website. Other than that, please using camtasia to capture your presentation and send to Youtube too, grab the code and put it into your landing page.

3) Prepare the opt-in form to capture your visitor email address so that you can promote some backend promotion to your subscriber. Remember, when visitor subscribe to your list, please give some freebie like free report, free ebook. People always like freebie.

once that done, save your landing page and start to promote it. Ideally, next step will be prepare an article with regards to the product and send it to for pulling traffic. Remember using your signature as your landing page URL. If your visitor likes your article, eventually they will go to your landing page to understand further. That's where you get your free traffic. Other than that, you can always using PPC like Google Adwords to promote your product too.

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