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Using Blog to promote your CPA products

Do you know that you can promote any of the CPA product using Blog? The answer is yes, you can do that. Interested to know how, below are the steps:

1) I will assume that you have the domain and hosting with Wordpress activated. If you do not know how to do that, try to look from Youtube and you will have a lot of free training from there.

2) Once you have your domain and hosting done, go to your CPA affiliate site and look for the product that you want to promote. Grab your affiliate URL and write down somewhere.

3)The next is to look for a Wordpress free theme with 2 columns and go to to download the plugin and get it activate in your wordpress. If you not sure how to get this done, again checking Youtube and you should be getting a lot help from there. Look for "Activate Wordpress Plugin" in Youtube.

4) Once that done, look for any 2 columns free theme, download and activate it. Very similar to how you active the plugin but under appearance. If you don't know how, looking for "Activate Wordpress Themes" in Youtube and you should be able to get a lot of help from there too.

5) Once you have that done, start writing your writing your review about the product that you want to promote, it can be your personal review or technical review. If you want to get some idea how they run this, google it "Blog Review on Diet Product" and you will see a lot of the example. The most important is to put in the number of stars with regards to the product that you want to promote. If you don't how to put the rating, get help from the and your will get the answer from there too.

6) Keep doing this on a alternate basis, which mean that every 2 days you need to have one review.

7) Repeating the step 5 and the next is to pay adwords to pull traffic to you site. Monitor the performance closely, if the conversion is low, then fine tune the ads until you see a decent amount of conversion.

8) Repeat step 7 on every campaign that you have for every new product. Remember to monitor it close your ads performance and fine tune if you don't have any conversion. This steps is very important where it allow you to have a good pay on the money that you have invested to ads.

Side note: Remember to get a designer to design you a decent logo in order to make your side looks more professional so that you visitor will have confident with your side.

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