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Using Associated Content to earn immediate money

There is another ways of earning money online which is writing articles and submit it to, each time when they download your articles, then you earn the money. This is very good for those who is a newbie where still finding ways and means to earn money while building up your internet business.

Below are the steps:
1) Go to and sign up an account there. Once you are in the Associated Content, look for Contents Producer and fill in the form according. That's all you need for this case.

2) Next is to find what is the hottest topic that you articles want to be, go to to find out what is the hottest internet trend. Look for any of them which you have the some knowledge on it, then start to write about 500 words articles and submit there. If you feel writing is not your cup of tea, get ghostwriter to write for you, go to, or any other forum to post your requirement, sure you will get at least 2 to 3 replied where there are ghost write and they will happy to provide the service for you. Usually about USD5 to USD10, depending on the contents that you want to write. If you are going this for long term, then ask them for discount if 10 to 20 articles per time, usually they will give you some discount.

3) Once that done, the next is to get a mice, read it and save it into MP3 format. The reason is, if you provide the audio version, the chances they will pay you higher. Other than that, you also can sell this separately where some marketer just looking for audio file instead of PDF file.

4) Start to post your articles and audio into with little descriptions with what's your articles about. Remember to utilizes your keywords where users are using keyword to search for the contents that they intend to buy.

5) Repeat 2 to 4 again with different topic.

Each article average will be sold about USD12 to USD15, depending on your contents. For audio, you can earn extra USD10 as well. Just imagine, one article you are earning from USD10 to USD25. The more articles you have, the more you will earn. That's what I said, if you are good in writing, you are easily earn USD300 per week on part time basis.

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