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More and more you learn about Internet marketing, you will start to aware that Rule of Thumb is "You have to spend a little bit of money before you can see the money flow into your account". You got to start to believe this in order to be success in Internet marketing. This my thinking as well. Why I said that? Reasons are:

1) Some free things does not carry much weight as you present it to your reader, so always remember do not use Free Hosting and Free Domain. On top of that, free things always come with some condition and those are the condition that holding us back from success in Internet marketing.

2) Always go for hosting reseller accounts to save cost. Again, do not go for free hosting. Reseller accounts that are something you can paid one lump sum and your can separate it into multiple domain and multiple package. By doing that, for long term you will be saving a lot of money.

3) Any products that you are promoting, do not save money to buy one domain and you can use for all. That will reduce the confident level of your reader. Always, one domain per one business or one product that you are promoting.

4) Do not lump every product into one page except you are using blog where the structure is different with web pages.

5) Always give some free goodies to you reader so that they can come back from time to time. That's why you can start to see money to promote some other products to them.

6) Autoresponse is a must for list building. Do not use free services again as they have right to close your account anytime they want. Do you want to list of subscriber to be disappeared in one day? Off course Not, so always go for autoresponse that you can install at your own host.

7) Do not over put any ads into your site, this will tell your reader is a commercial site rather than ordinary site that reader can obtained helps.

8) Do update your site from time to time, so that you can give impression to your reader your site is active all the while.

9) Internet security software is a must of Internet marketer. The reason is you don't want your hard work to be banned by all search engine. If you host is affected, your domain will get banned immediately. Pay more attention into this, this will caused you lost everything over the night.

10) Always introduce yourself first any where inside your page. This will allow reader to know who you are before they even start to buy anything from you.

Happy Learning.

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