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Another way to earn online - selling physical product

Selling physical product also one of the way to earn from online, but the doesn't mean that suitable for everyone. A lot of people still prefer selling digital product where it don't really involved packing as well as shipping. If you enjoy this process, then you can think about using Ebay or setting up your own online store and start to sell you own product. Let me brief you how the Ebay process look like:

1) First you need to sign up an account with Ebay, when come to the username, please use something that related to the type of the product that you want to sell.

2) Take the picture of the product that you want to sell, ideally should be small size (referring to the file size).

3) Type in the Product headline that you want to promote, something special that can keep people attention.

4) Start type in the product details that you want to sell, remember to put in the product whether it belong to new or used. If you don't know what to type, copy from other and make some minor changes to suite your own product.

5) With regards to banking, you can either use paypal or local bank. From the product details, please list down your banking instruction as well.

6) Once that done, put down your shipping cost. I will suggest that you put a flat rate across the domestic and international with another cost (provided you did some research how much will it cost to ship for international).

7) The last step for first timer will be key in your credit card information before you can list your product in ebay for selling.

Once that done, you product should be ready to sell now. Just remember to relist after 7 days if you product didn't get to sell on time.

Enjoy your selling online.

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