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Self upgrading is important to Affiliate Marketer

Most of the Internet Marketers are working alone and rarely you can see a team of player that working towards the same direction, except the major affiliate marketer that consist a team of player like Derek Gehl and others. In order to keep ourselves up to the market standard as well as the latest technology, we need to upgrade ourselves at least once a year.

Do plan and spend your partially income into:
1) Invest some ebook that related to your area, like any of the top Internet Marketer, like Mike Filsaime. Google it and you will see a lot of courses that come out from him.

2) Always subscribe to the top internet marketer newsletter / ezine, like Mike Filesaime, Derek Gehl, Yanik Silver and many many more. Doing that, you can notice what is the latest product that they have came out. On top of that, you can also follow them to promote any product that they are promoting. Always remember this, Junior always follow Senior, or newbie always follow Guru.

3) From time to time, always update ourselves with the latest internet marketing technology so that we can use it to promote our product.

4) Always attend self motivation course at least once a year to keep ourselves motivated, like myself, I like to attend T Harv Eker's course which I have learn a lot from him as well as helping us to stays at positive.

5) If possible, always keep a list of the Internet marketer around your area to have a weekly or monthly meeting, this is very useful for information exchange as well as work as a team to come out with new products and idea too. This will help you to keep moving in Internet Marketing.

Remember, Internet Marketer is lone ranger all the time and self initiative is very important components to keep us moving far. Do not keep working, time to socialize is also very important.

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