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Writing your own review to earn money

Nowadays, I saw a lot of Internet Marketer writing review only instead of pushing us to the landing page direct us to the official product landing page. By doing that, your will have the following advantages:

1) You get the traffic first instead of pushing them directly to the official landing page. You need to have some opt-in form for your visitor to subscribe.

2) You can promote more than one product at one time to increase the conversion rate.

3) You can put ads to get traffic to your site and you can keep 100% of the traffic rather than you direct them to the official landing page of the product.

4) You can test out multiple review page and test out which is the best one before your put it as the final copy.

5) You can put up some Adsense code and earn extra income from there too.

For the elements inside the review page, please refer to my earlier article for more details. Thanks

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