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Recommendation for Other Good CPA program

In the market now there are so many CPA (Click Per Action) programs avaliable you all of us as Internet marketer to promote, do some consistent research and you will be able to find some good one.

Below are some of the CPA that I've tried with:
1) Climber
2) Go Freelance, look for the Paid Trail Offer
3) Survey Network
4) ECN Research

I saw review from most of the CPA affiliate outside where they are earning from writing the review with regards to the CPA that they are promoting.

Below are some of the steps:

1) You need to have domain and hosting for this model of business. I will assumed that you already got these.

2) Joining those programs that I have mentioned above.

3) Prepare the landing page with some pictures of the website of those programs that you have joined in step .

4) Writing some review with regards the program as well as the site that you have joined. If you want to have more high conversion rate, please prepare the video on the site (screen capture on how you filled up the forms and etc) to capture your visitor attention. That will help you to get the better conversion rate of your landing page.

5) Submit to Search Engine as well as article sites and forum to get the traffic come to site.

Repeat the steps 2 to 5 on other CPA Programs.

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