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Questions that you will be asked during your CPA Affiliate Application

I've did some research on what type of questions that you will be asking during your CPA Affiliate Application and the feedback that I have are below:

1) How do you promote your offers?

2) What type of offers are you interested in?

3) How do you hear from us?

4) How many year of experience in Internet marketing

5) How do you plan your traffic to your ads?

Lasting, some will ask your name or address in order to prove that there is such a person.

Before you answer any of the question, just remember one point is that need someone with at least 2 years experience in Internet Marketing. When you answer those question, just remember you need to answer it in the sense from someone who has experience before.

Below are some of my model answer which I have tried and looks good to me:

1) I will buy ads and promote my offers or you also can said like "I will buy banner or ads to pull my source of traffic from Adwords"

2) I'm interested to promote any type of offers which will convert well and I have a lot of sources to pull my traffic too

3) You can either mentioned from Forum or from article, like or etc.

4) Please mentioned with at least 2 years and above and basically they are looking for someone which know how to promote.

5) You can said via Adwords.

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