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Pull Targeted Traffic to your site

In order to see result for Affiliate Program, beside contents, Traffic also is the main factor to drive to success of your site. Below are some of my way to promote my site:

1) The most common way is submit your site to major search engine like,, Just using google to googling with term "Yahoo" + Submit site and you will be able to see the URL. Submit them into these 3 major search engines.

2) Setup blog for, as well as your own blog using wordpress that hosted at your own domain, for example Once that done, submit your RSS to major RSS feed site like,, and some other rss feed site. Trying to write 2 to 3 blog posts on weekly basis and submit them to those major RSS Feed site to promote your site. The more you can write, the better your search result will be for you site.

3) Writing articles will be the next one you need to do next. Write an article and submit your articles into major articles site like, and etc. This is for you to announce to the world with regards your new site. Ideally, one article per week.

4) Next is to create the profile in, and some other web 2.0 sites to promote your site by writing articles too.
Keep doing this for one month and I'm sure you will see the result soon.

Those are the common ways that we using to promote our site. Hope this is something that helpful to you all. Enjoy your learning.

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