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Places to advertise affiliate products

I saw a lot people were asking where can we put advertisment to promote our affiliate link after landing page is prepared, below are the places that you can put ads:

1) Adwords - the best ads place where a lot affiliate will like to put, but the ads fees are depending on keywords as well as experience, if you don't setup correctly then you will lost a lot of money.

2) Yahoo Ads - the second best ads place which I like to put too. The charges are reasonable but again depending on the niche that you are promoting.

3) MSD Ads Center - Very similar to Yahoo ads and Google Adwrods. The charges are almost the same too.

4) Facebook Ads - The cheapest among all. I start to see my result using this where I think is more targeted is compare to the rest. For newbie, I'm highly recommended this as your ads channel.

Above are some of the ads that I have placed before. Hope this is something that useful to you all. Thanks

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