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Other than Ebay, what else I can promote?

Shopping affiliate is one of the most interesting affiliate to promote, but the question is "Any other Shopping Company that is having Shopping Affiliate ?"

A lot of us as Internet Marketing are keep thinking to push our business to next level by trying a lot of different ways, I've the same problem too, that's where I starting to promote shopping affiliate. Think of it, everyone likes shopping regardless online or offline. Why not we promote something that something in common, which is "Shopping".

Come to shopping affiliate, so far I knew the following:

1) - The most common site that most of us know
2) - All proudcts that you named it, you can find it here
3) - Eletronics Products
4) - Very similar to

Those are the common shopping affiliate that no harm to try it. I have some results mostly from and If you are going to try this, please use Wordpress blog to set it up and using autopost plugin and helping you to pull the contents into your blog automatically. All you need is to pull the traffic and promote your site again and again.


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