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Other than Adsense, what else we can use to publish the Ads?

Does anyone asked this question before, any other type of Adsense like program that we can participated? The answer is Yes, there are a few.

With the feedback from those members in the forums, a lot of recommended us to participate Infolinks, the sign up process was so simple. All you need to do are as below:

1) Go to the site

2) Select sign up and just follow the process of sign up

3) At the end of the sign up process, you will be given a code for you to put into your website

4) Take the code and paste it into every single page of your site before </body>. If you are using php code, please remember to put it into index.php as well as your header.php file.

5) Once get updated, FTP over to the your hosting company and basically you are done.

6) Wait for a few hours, the come back to visit your side. You will notice that, some of your contents will be underline, move your mouse over those line and you will see the infolinks ads.

7) With regards to the approval, you need to wait for 2 to 3 days before your application get approve.

If anyone of the visit click on those ads and you will get paid. Login into your infolinks accounts to check how much you have earn from time to time.


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