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Other Affiliates that you can consider

Do you know you can also join other than than main Affiliate company like Clickbank, Amazon and CJ? The answer is yes, below are some of the other affiliate or associate company that you can join too, which are:


If you are planned to sell something by your own hosting website, then you can do the following:

1) Login to
2) Sign up an accounts, follow the sign up instruction and you will be able the get it done less than 10 minutes
3) Once that done, please have your Credit card verified first. Bare in mind that, Paypal will be charged for a small amount of money during the verification process but once done, Paypal will return back the money into your Credit Card.
3) Once that done, you can copy the mechanize code from Paypal and paste the code into your side as a shopping chart.

Very straight forwards and you will be able to sell thing on the net.

If you don't know how to setup a site, consider using Wordpress blog where you can have a lot of shopping plugin for free which already incorporate the Paypal code.

Thing to take note is the weight of your product, remember to include this into your selling price. If you are using drop ship company, raise this up and check how to handle this.

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