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There are some other affiliate program like CPA, PPC, twitter marketing and etc. We have a lot of ways and means to earn money form internet as an Associate or Affiliate. Remember to focus one at the time. Below are some of the explanation of each Program:

1) CPA also called as Click Per Action, this CPA is something like a banner that you put into your website and if any of your visitor click on it and they will be leading to a page to ask your visitor to complete, for example, fill in the form and etc. Once they have complete the action, then you will get pay.

2) PPC also known as Pay Per Click, one of the very good example will be Adsense. All you need to do is to put some code into your website and the ads will be displayed on your website. If any of your visitor click on it, you will get pay.

3) Twitter Marketing is something that new to us which required you to have a Twitter account and put in your promotion slogan on the 140 characters message, if any of your follower click on the link and buy, you will get pay. By doing this, you can promote any of the product from Clickbank, Amazon and CJ as long as you know where is your niche.

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