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Next Steps when the contents are ready?

A lot of us don't what to do next when out landing page is ready, below are some tips that for you to perform in order to promote out site or landing page:

1) Writing articles to promote your site. Remember doing this will help us to create a lot of backlinks if out article is being published. From time to time, a lot of people is looking for contents and they will go to to get the contents and put into their site with our landing page link into it. By doing that, it indirectly helping us to build a lot of backlinks.

2) At the same time, please go to social bookmaking site to book mark our site. Find at least 20 to 30 bookmaking site to bookmark your site. This will helping us to build the popularity of our site. This step is only applicable to affiliate site and not contents site, contents site required more natural traffic rather than referal traffic.

3) The next is to setup some profile site like, and Put in some brief bio about you and remember to include your URL that you want to promote into there. Once that done, from time to time, write something to promote your site too.

4), and will be the same similar sites that you need to do too. But these sites required some articles to be put into it too.

5) Last will be prepare some video to put into to promote your site too. Remember to use some text into your video to promote your site too. Those tools are available in when you are ready to upload your video.

Those are the steps that I'm using to promote my site.

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