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What I need to do next when I have my site ready?

I notice that more and more people know how to design website nowadays, but a lot of us still do not know what is the next step and so on...

To make this simple, below are some of my tips that I'm using now:

1) Find the correct place to promote your site, ideal using Web 2.0 like twitter and facebook

2) Make sure that your site is optimize, like using description, title and keywords tags in your page that in php or html

3) Submit your site into big search engines like Yahoo, bing and Google to get your page being indexed by different Search Engines

4) Finding free traffic to your site like using Yahoo answers, forums and articles

5) Remember to upgrade our learning from time to time, always attending course that related to internet marketing and I don't agree that we can learn everything by our own. Allocate some money and prepare to upgrade ourselves.

6) Keep doing the above steps for at least 30 days for each site that you are going to promote before your can see any result.

Those are the steps that I'm using currently which I feel very effective.

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