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Recently I came to a site called which they allow the member to upload their presentation slides so that the members can either view it or download it for any reason. By clicking more, found out that there are a lot of marketer already using this tactics, so why not we using the same?

Very simple, just join and become the member there. Next is to prepare the slides on the affiliate program that we want to promote, with the following elements:
1) Introduction on the product that you want to promote

2) Some experience with regards to the products

3) Find some good and bad about the products from those review sites

4) Get some testimonials from the official sales pages, don't worry about the copyright as you are promoting the product from him.

5) Last will be your affiliate link for your to redirect too. This can be your landing page if you have any, this is for you to capture the email in case they don't buy anything from you.


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