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Using Quality Link to Exchange Traffic

A lot of affiliate site outside now still using link exchange to gain traffic as well as getting more high rank especially when you are link to those where good page rank site.

Why we want to do that? The reason are simple:

1) Getting more visible especially to the search engines

2) Free Traffic where you don't even spend a single dime to do this

3) More targeted traffic where you are link to the site that related to you

4) The more pages that you are link to, the higher page rank that you can have

5) Understanding what is our competitor is doing and sometime you can get some ideas too

Below are some of the free sources that you can sumbit your link too:


Remember when you are doing link exchange, please don't over do it. My advise is just pick 5 to 6 with those very good comments and submit it.

Happy Learning.

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