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Compare so many business model of Internet Business, the content site still the easy way out due to the below facts:

1) Simple and direct to the point as long as you did your homework to ensure that people is looking for the keywords or topic that you are doing

2) Not many factors that you need to consider, just concentrate on the contents, contents and contents

3) When all done, drive the traffic to your site and basically you are done. You can now move to next topic and do the same.

There are a lot of Marketer saying using contents site to increase the revenue are simple and easy, I don't really catch it till I have do so. Basically you need to perform the following programs to increase your avenue:

1) Adsense - The king of publisher that you MUST have if you want to go for this model

2) Infolinks - My second choice of ads where you just need to put some code into your site and you do not need to perform further testing if you compare with Adsense.

3) Chitika - Very similar way to Adsense but it only contained Image Ads only. This is only for US market, if you have a lot of US visitor, then this will be the good one for you.

4) Selling own Ads - This is something that really new where you need to contact or approach any company that you think might be your potential advertiser. Once they have agreed to put ads into your ads, then you can charge them monthly fees like USD30 to USD1000 per month depending on the popularity of your site.

5) Amazon and Shopzilla - Not bad idea to put some Amazon ads into your site which will help you to gain extra income too. Shopzilla will be very similar to Chitika or Adsense, but it pay very well.

Those are the 5 ways that I'm currently using to generate my avenue via my contents site. Hope this is useful to you all.

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