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How to increasing your Page Rank of your CPA Program Landing Page

This tips is telling you how to get the good rank on your CPA Program Landing Page. Please take note that this can be applicable to other affiliate landing page, website and blog as well. The answer is utilizes on Google Profiles. When I saw this I was so surprised as well as make sense that we can leverage an PR10 site to increase our page rank too.

So be ready, below are the steps:
1) Assume that you already get your site up and running
2) Next is to go to the
3) Create your real or fate profile there
4) At the end of the creation process, remember to put in the URL that you want to promote or increasing
5) Wait for 2 to 3 weeks, then come back and check the page rank
6) For sure your page rank will be increased

Keep doing this for you new website but bear in mind that please do not overuse it and causing some other people cannot leverage this facilities.

Good Luck in Trying.

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