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How To Apply CPA Affiliate Program

There are 2 CPA (Click Per Action) Associate Programs that are well known, which are and If you want to enroll for CPA, please consider the above mentioned networks. Below are the steps that you required before you apply any of the CPA program:

1) You must have a up and running websites, prefer dot com site and it can be a website or blog.

2) You must have a certain number of contents as well as number of visitors too.

3) You must have a general idea on how and where you going to promote your CPA Affiliate

4) If you have the above mentioned conditions, please login to and to apply. If you are newbie's, please apply first rather than 2 programs together. Per feedback, is very hard to get them approved you as an associate with them. If you to try it out or have a feel on CPA, please consider first.

5) Login to, the you are required to fill in a form and click submit.

6) Once you are done, just wait until they either call you or via email. If via email, they will ask you some question and you need to reply to them in order to get your application approved. Once that done, the final step is to call them to verify the address and you are done.

7) Once approved, then you can ready to login to their website and select the program that you want to sell.

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