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How many Affiliate programs that we have in the market?

I saw a lot of newbie are asking about how many types of affiliate program that are currently in the market. I did some research and found out that in fact we as an affiliate have a lot of choices where we can apply and promote. Some of them even paid very well which up to USD50 per sales.

If you want to become super affiliate, then you should try to promote at least one of them. I can assure you, you will have a very stable income as you are not depending on any of them to have a single source of income. We as an Affiliate, I always encourage all of us doing the same.

Below are some of the affiliate that I need have potential to promote or at least try to learn and promote them. They are as below:
1) Poker Affiliate - Promoting Poker Affiliate which you will earn at least USD10 to USD20 per sale.
2) Beauty Affiliate - Promoting facial product which you can get USD5 to USD20 per sale.
3) Auto Affiliate - Promoting cars accessories that you will have a good income from USD10 to USD100 or even more depending on what's the product you are promoting. Very good niche which I'm highly recommended.
4) Dating Affiliate - Very good niche as well. You can earn up to USD5 to USD50 per sale.
5) Education Affiliate - I like to promote this as those education company or universities are paying a lot.

Other than that, you can also find other affiliate programs too which I do not have the details, which are:
1) Software affiliate
2) Computing affiliate
3) Credit card affiliate - part of CPA program
4) Ink affiliate

Hope this can help you all to kick start in your affiliate careers.

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