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Why we need Graphics?

Today, let's talk something on Website Graphics. Do you think is a must for a site to have some graphics? The answer is yes, more and more internet marketer start to design more professional look website where they will have the following elements:

1) Header - Every site should have header to represent your site. By doing that, it looks more professional if you compare with those don't have. We have spend a lot when coming to setup a site and I think is worth to invest a good header too.

2) Foot - These goes the same with footer.

3) Overall template - Remember to have some graphics too in your overall site.

4) Standardization - Standard your fonts, forms and graphics size too. By doing that, your overall impression when a visitor visiting your site will have a very high marks if you compare with those site without any planning.

Ideally, all these can be done by Photoshop and if you don't know how to do it, please let some good designer design your site for you. Overall prices will be from USD 100 to USD 1000. If you are serious about your internet business, I think this is a must to invest in order to have your return fast.

There are plenty places where experts are offering their help to help you, the one that I used to go are as below:
1) Guru.com
2) Elance.com
3) Freelance.com

Spend sometime to plan out your Menu, Header, Footer, Forms, Fonts and etc even before you start your site. Is worth it when you have the return. But don't spend too much time on this, if design is not your cup of tea, then get someone do it for you and you just concentrate on the contents.

Thanks and Enjoy your Learning.

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