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I  just get to know that a contents site with at least 300 to 500 pages, incorporate with Adsense, for sure your will get the result. Constantly, you will drive at least 100 visitor per week. Point to take note when prepare Adsense site:

1) You site should have at least 3 levels and each level should have 100 pages with keyword rich pages.

2) One page shouldn't have more than 100 outbound link to other sites.

3) Once that done, keep promoting your site using blog, forum and articles.

Constantly doing step 3 for one month, you will see your result pretty fast. On top of that, please prepare some newsletter and send to your subscribe to come back to you site from time to time, that's where you gain back your loyalty visitor.

Once the above steps been completed, then monitor for one week to ensure that you have at least 100 visitor per day, then you can move it to new site. Repeat step 1 to 3 again on your new site, I can sure that by the time you reach 10 contents site, you will have a very stable income on Adsense.

Happy Learning.

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