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Common Practices to promote product online

Looking for tips and ways to promote your product online? Below are some of the of my recap I usually did during my product promotion:

1) Per Per Click (Adwords) - This is sometime that I won't usually do because we need to pay and if you not paying good attention on it, you will lose money. If you are go for this, please be extra be careful when setting up campaign.

2) Forums - Try to look for the forum that related to your product that you are selling, go to Google and type "your product type" + Forum, all the related forum will be displayed. Select 5 to 10 of them participate, remember to use your signature to point to you affiliate link or your landing page link. When done, start participate on the forum by providing your feedback. If you are using this, remember to read the rules of the forum before your start any activities. This is to prevent you from getting banned from the forum.

3) Article Marketing - This is another way that a lot of marketer are now doing. Writing article regarding to the products that you are currently sell, it can be review, your opinion or just a general view of it. Post it into By doing this, you will start to see a lot of traffic if you have a very good articles.

4) Viral Email Marketing - This is something that commonly all will do where they using autorespone to send a mass email to their subscriber to promote the product. That's the reason where you can see form in the page to capture our email address and name. They will then using the list to perform promotion at the backend.

5) Search Engine Friend Page - Remember this is something free where the marketer using the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) method in the webpage so that Search Engine can locate your page easily. Always remember to user Keyword tag, Tile Tag and Description Tag in your html pages. Those are the tags that Search Engine will spider to hunt for your pages.

6) Blogging - very similar to writing articles and post it to and Once you have completed your posting, remember to use the ping services to inform the rest of the world regarding your new articles.

Other than that, you can also perform some offline advertising on your local places. But this is something that I feel is very time consuming and I will hardly do it except the product is targeted to your local consumer.

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