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Getting more and more people involved in Internet Marketing and causing a lot of newbie can't even get a sales, no matter how hard they have tried. A lot of us were heading to wrong direction where don't even host a site and start to promote any product using Adowrds. If you are lucky, then you might be able a get a sale or two. But the question is, how long can you last or how much do you want to promote the business using Adwords? That will very much depending on your budget, if you have the money then you might be able to win the game. Here are some of the free ways which I think is more decent for Internet marketer like us which coming from decent background that just want to have some good income using the free time that we have.

Any of the following methods that I think, you need a domain and site to run it. Please take note of this, if you don't have any host and domain, this might not be a way to you. Let's cut it short and simple:

1) Writing a review with result page. A lot of us like to obtain people opinion before we make any decision, that's why we need a review page / result page for our visitor to obtain opinion. People tense to feel more comfortable to buy this product.

2) Rewrite a summery from your result page / review page using blog will definitely helping you to get more traffic. Remember to point back the link into your review page / result page in order to let your visitor to understand full story.

3) Using Web 2.0 to pull traffic for you too, I'm current using Twitter, myspace and facebook to pull this free traffic. All you need to do is getting your friend into your new site but talking the same like what you did inside blog.

4) I'm using a lot of Forum to pull a free traffic too, all you need to do is participate to the member problem and using Signature to promote your site. If you are using this way, please using something that is creative to represent your signature.

5) Last will be the paid way that you can used Adwords to promote your site. If you are using this way, please plan out your daily budget that you want in the particular campaign. If you are newbie, I will not recommended this way.

I'm currently using first 4 ways to pull my traffic to my site and a new site would easily pull 6 to 10 unique visitor to your site per day.

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