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Where is the best place to promote Linkshare or other affiliate program?

A lot of us were wonder where can we promote our affiliate programs especially Linkshare, below are some of the guideline:
1) It will be good to have buy a domain and redirect to your affiliate like, like if your domain is --> to your 1st affiliate program. The reason is people will not suspect is an affiliate program that's where you will stand a good chance to get your visitor to click on it.

2) Please create the profile at the following websites:

3) Then get someone to prepare the articles with regards to the product that you are promote your product. Remember use back the domain that you have purchased instead of the affliate url.

4) Login into each site stated above you have created at step 2, then post up your articles and leave your signature with your domain link stated in step 1.

5) Other than this, you can consider Forum to promote your affiliate by participate to answer member problem. But you can your affiliate link as your signature. The forum that I use to go is

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