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Promoting Linkshare product using presentation slide

Do you know we as an Internet Marketer can promoting Linkshare product with presentation slide and from there we can pull tans of traffic to our associate link. The best part is we do not need a website or landing page to have this model. The only disadvantage will be you need to keep preparing presentation slide for any new products that you are going to promote. We can use this method for other affiliate program too, like Clickbank, CJ and others.

What is the steps?

The steps will be much more simple then we setup a landing page:

1) Login to Linkshare

2) Select the product that you want to promote

3) Get your affiliate link and write down in notepad

4) Visit your affiliate page

5) Think about what is the good point and bad point of the product that you are promoting

6) Print screen both the good and bad place on the website and paste it into your presentation slide.

7) Basically your PowerPoint should contained the following:
7.1) Overview of the product
7.2) Your opinion of the product
7.3) What is the good and bad things about the product with some print screen of the web page, think of a way to tell your reader the good and bad things in more persuasive ways.
7.4) Summery of the products and your recommendation
7.5) Your affiliate link that we have wrote down in Step 3.

8) Open an account in where we want to upload our presentation slide so that reader can download our presentation and read about the product, if there feel your review is good and solid, they will buy from your affiliate link. Remember to put some keyword (Tag) during your uploading wizard that has provided, that's where our slide can be found by the reader.

Keep continue step 2 to 8 on other Linkshare product that you want to promote. Ideally, one day one presentation slide in order to increase your conversion rate.

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