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Linkshare very common problem - Slow in Reporting

For those who are new to Linkshare, please be patient with the Linkshare Reporting. This is not only happened to me where I did a lot of research where most of the Linkshare affiliates are having the same issues, which is "Slow in Report", "Data didn't reflected in a timely manner" and etc.

Don't worry if you are having the same problem, just continue your working and keep promoting your affiliate program.

My worse experience was during July 2009 when I'm checking my reporting in mid of July, my data haven't get updated in 3 to 5 days time. I checked daily and the data yet to be updated until I wrote an email to them to find out why.

One day later, I got my replied and they said they are having some delay in updating the data. My advise is to be pateint and wait for one week before your take any action.

For your sharing, I have this type of slow in updating my data in Linkshare reporting for more than 5 to 10 times, after 2 years in Linkshare. If you have any problem with regards to Linkshare affiliate, my advise is to visit, try to see any similar problem and you will know whether there is anyone having the problem with you or not. As a reference, then you will know what is happening in Linkshare Side.

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