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How Does Linkshare Works?

This tip is telling you on how Linkshare is working. Very similar to other associate program where you need a website before you start your application. Once your website is update and running, then perform the following:

1) Login in

2) Click on Publisher and select Join now

3) Fill in the form and you are ready to go for your revenue.

4) Once you have finished the application, you will be bring to a page to select the product that you want to sell and apply for the approval to sell the product. Please take note all the product that you want to sale need to apply for approval, if you don't see any "apply now", then you can directly click on the Link botton and get to code to paste it into your webpage.

5) Wait till you have the approval and your are good to go. Select the link and paste it into your webpage.

6) Basically, you are done now. Repeat the steps 1 to 5 again to promote some other program.

7) From time to time, login into the Report page and see how's your sale performance.

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