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Another way to promote linkshare

Sincerely, I don't get to see a lot of people success with Linkshare and I would like to help by exposing this tips and hope you all can make a success too. This method are simple and easy, all your need is to setup a Wordpress Blog and perform the following:
1) Perform some research on what is the most hot stuff in market, go to Ebay and Amazon to get those hot stuff details, write down one list

2) With the list, go to Linkshare find those product and get the HTML code

3) Login into your Wordpress blog again to perform posting

4) Get the HTML code that you have copy from step (2) and put it into the new post and click on publish

5) Visit the post that you have published to ensure that everything is in order

6) Next is to sing up the following feed services to help us distribute our contents, like Feedburner and Technorati.

7) Then perform a ping service to inform the publisher

I have done this and I have very good result too. No harm to try it out. At first it will not be as easy as I said, but don't give up, keep trying and you will see result too.

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