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5 Ways To Run Your CJ Associate Program

As usual, Commission Junction also known as CJ which is very much similar to Clickbank and other affiliate program. The only different is if you want to sale the product that inside CJ, you are required to apply for approval. There are some come with auto approval as well as those company that seriously review the applicant's website before they approve your application, usually those are big company that want to ensure the quality of the affiliate.

In this case, I will assumes that you already have your CJ affiliate ID with properly approval from certain products. There are a lot of ways and means to promote CJ products, which are as below:

1) Blogging

Create a blog that targeted to your niche with certain contents from time to time, build up your reader and start to write review with regards to the product that you going to promote. At the end of the article, put down your CJ affiliate link or banner to attrack your visitor to click and buy from you, that's where you get your commission.

2) Writing Review about the product

Create an article and promoting your opinion with regards to the product that you want to promote with your affiliate link and post it to different articles site. As the same time, please convert it to MP3 format and post it to prod-casting site to increase your conversion rate. Usually, this is very useful for Web 2.0 technology.

3) PPC (Pay Per Click)

Fast but not easy way to pull traffic to get your sale done. This can be done by sign up to Adwords and get yourself rolling. Remember to have certain level of understanding what is PPC before your decide to go for this route. If you not done properly, then you will lost a lot of money with getting any sales.

4) Email Marketing

The most common way to promote your business using getresponse and aweber. This model is only applicable to those who has a number of subscriber that subscribe your email address and your are required to promote the product using email. Inside the email somewhere, remember to list down your affiliate link to your reader. Usually, the email contents can be your feeling about the product, simple report or simple tutorials on this products.

5) Websites

This is something that similar to blogging, write a good landing page and promote the page via forum and PPC to get the traffic to your website. Once you seen the traffic, then you can expected to have some sales from your website too.

Those are the simple 5 ways to promote CJ product that I known off so far.

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