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Run Facebook Ads to promote CJ Products

This was pretty new to me using Facebook Ads to promote CJ's product. Ideally, this will be good for music product where all people loves music. You can scan through thousand of music products in CJ, I will pick for this example.

Once you get your application approve and obtained your Affiliate link, the all you need to do it follow the following steps:

1) Think of something that is Free to attract user to click on your ads, for example "Free 5 days Trail for Nepster". If you are user, will you sign up for this? You can instantly can download unlimited song from this site. So idea is to be free and need to be a music product where user can have instantly download.

2) Next is to login into Facebook and go to Ad Manager where it allow you to key in your ads details. Get your affiliate link URL and go to to shorten the affiliate URL. Key in the TinyURL in the URL text box.

3) Next is to choose your Audience which we need to have the following:

3.1 - Location, depending where you want to promote the product. If you are promoting US Product, just select your USA as your location.

3.2 - Male / Female - Depending what are you promotion, if you are promoting music product, then both will be applicable.

3.3 - Keywords - Depending on the music that you want to promote too, let's said you are promoting rock music, then you might want to consider rock music instead of music.

3.4 - Education / Workplace - Both are similar where it belong to the group of people that you want to promote.

3.5 - Relationship Status - For this, I always put 'Single'. I feel single is more willingly to spend rather than married.

4) Next will be the Ads, remember you are allow 20 characters in the Ads Title, 135 characters in the Ads body and you have any picture, size in 100px X 80px is allowed.

5) The next is budget where I advise to start with USD 10 to USD 10 per day.

6) Click save and Facebook's Team will review your ads before its go live.

Come back to review from day to day based, fine tune your ads if there is no click through rate, unfortunately, Facebook ads will not have a lot of sophisticated tools if compare with Adwords, so do come back from time to time to tune it if you don't see any sales.

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