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Using Craigslist to post your Free Ads - Very effective way

This is very simple way to get CJ sales where all you need is to apply the program / company that you want to promote:


Steps to post Carigslist Ads

1) Prepare the Ads in very attractive way, roughly about 100 words with the link inside the ads

2) Login into and post the ads into different states

3) Doing this every 3 days into 5 different states

4) Doing this for different products and you will see some results in 2 to 3 weeks time

5) If no result with that period of time, fine tune your ads and re-post the ads again until you see the result.

I have seen a lot of CJ Affiliate have done this and 70% of them does have the result in the short period of time, sincerely I have not done this before and I'm not sure how's the outcome. Since is free, just give a try and this might be your way.

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