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Definition of Commission Junction

From the Wikipedia.com, Commission Junction is an online advertising company that owned by ValueClick. CJ is one of the largest affiliate network in North America.

It covered not only the digital products till physical product like TV, Mobile phone and etc. It has a lot of range of the product where it allow Affiliate to promote in the wider range if compare with Clickbank.

Basically the application of Commission Junction is a bit Troublesome where you first need to apply for the access into CJ then you got to choice what type of product that you want to sell. Once you have the list, you got to apply one by one and waiting until the publisher approve your application then you are only allow to sell it there.

If you are not active for a time period, then your account will be changed to inactive. When it come to this, you need to activate back again. If you are new to Affiliate Marketing, this definitely will not the one for you.

Our Associate Tips will help you to save a lot of your time from those unnecessary activities. Below will be the session that I want to share with all of you on the tips and tracks on how to promote the CJ Business from your own website.

Affiliate tips for Commission Junction

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