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Create Clickbank Campaign on Ezine

I saw a lot of people keep answer for the same question, "I don't get it, how can an Ezine can promote Clickbank Product?". After I saw this and I decided to make an article on this topic.

Ezine Campaign Requirements for Clickbank

1) Spilt your Ezine into 4 section, which will be:
- Your Ezine Title
- Promotion of the Week
- Contents
- Closing

2) I will then explain what we need to include in each of the section:
- Your Ezine Title will be something your Ezine is about for this week, eg: "Let's Learn Twitter in and out"
- Promotion of the week will be some thing that you want to promote of this week, should be something your recommendation with regards to the product that you want to promote, please included your rating to this product as well as your Affiliate link to the product
- Contents will only come in here to talk about the topic that you were mentioned in the Ezine Title
- Closing will be something that you want to thanks for your reader time as well as what will be your next topic about so that you reader will looking forward to read your next ezine

Once you that in, start to put in your ezine in your autoresponse system and get it to send out.

My suggestion when coming to your ezine will be a series of learning program which is currently people is looking for, like how to master Twitter in 10 steps. Spilt your steps into 10 ezines to be send out in weekly basis. If you don't how to write it in more professional way, please get some ghostwriter to help you.

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