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Guidelines For Finding Hidey-Hole For Clickbank

Before we start to make any sales via Clickbank, we need to find a digital product to sell. Below are the
guidance for you to find product and sell it online.

Note: Assume that you already have an ID registered with Clickbank to sell any digital product.


Tips to locate Highly Demand Product inside Clickbank

1) Login into

2) Go to Marketplace and key in the keywords that you want to search, I will assume that you already identified the niche. If you don't the any idea, an idea place to look for niche is Google trends. Look for the hottest topic now and looking for the product that in the same topics.

3) From the result, usually top 3 to 5 will be the best selling products accordingly to your search. Remember the higher the gravity the more it has sold over the last few days. For me, I usually will choose the gravity from 90 and above, but some said 70 and above. It doesn't matter, this is just as a guideline.

4) Once you have selected the product, create the hoplink by select "create hoplink" at the each last line of the each product being displayed.

5) The next is to create the Pay Per Click (PPC) to sell the product that you have created. The general rule of thumb is averagely you can get one sales after 100 clicks on the ads. If your ads is cost you 10 cents per click and your profit of the sales should be USD10 in order to break even. So, remember to get any product that you can earn more than USD10, my way is I will get any product that profit me USD20 and above.

6) The next is to check whether your product that you going to promote got any market demand or not. One of the good place is go to that tell you the sales history of the product, so from there you will roughly know whether your product can sell or not. If not, please repeat the step 2 onwards.

7) Once you have decided on the product that you want to sell, go to Google Keywords tool to get the list of the keywords and setup the Adwords campaign (Google Ads) that help you to sell the product online. Usually, I will use the nature of the product or the name of the product to perform search, like for example I will sell "Clickbank Code", then I will look for "Clickbank code" or "Clickbank online training". Get the top 20 of the list and setup the campaign in Adwords. If the cost per click is higher than USD1 each click, my opinion is to drop this and start over from step 2. Remember to set the daily budget on the Adwords campaign, my way is USD10 - USD30 per campaign. Don't put more than that. Always login to Adwords from time to time to check the campaign, if is too high the ads cost and no sales yet, please set a threshold of 120 clicks for each campaign, if is higher then 120 clicks and no sales yet, please drop it immediate to cut lost.

Note: Step 7 is hard and you need time adjusts it to yourself. Look on other online training before you get

8) Once done, put yourself into customer point of view and ask yourself "Will you buy if you are a customer", if the answer is no, please drop the entire campaign and start with other product from step 2 onwards.

Note: I know this process is hard, please practice again and again, your will know what I want to said.


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