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Close Sales for Clickbank Fast and Easy Way

When I went in to forum and I saw a lot of people is asking for how to make money fast from Clickbank? Honestly speaking, there are no such way. Throughout my experience, I will said the following methods will helping you to get result in more shorten timeframe.

Critical Tips to Get Clickbank Fast and Easy

1) Landing Page

The main thing that you want to promote Clickbank is you need to have a landing page (which is a page of small version of sale letter) that telling your visitor the good and bad about the product that you want to promote. You can cut and paste whatever from the owner sale letter, don't worry about the copyright as you are promoting his product for him. Once done, upload into the server and drive traffic into your landing page.

2) Effective Natural Traffic with Google Adwords

The most effective way to drive traffic will be using PPC Adwords - This is so far the fastest way to deliver result to your landing page. But the con is you need to paid money to get the traffic, if you don't setup correctly with Google Adwords, at the end, you will loss a lot of money. If you don't have a lot of capital, Adwords will not be the way for you. On the other hand, if you are using Adwords for Advertising, make sure you done your homework to come out with a good landing page in order to have a good conversion. Anything that not turning up to your expectation, you need to fine tune your landing page accordingly.

3) Using Web 2.0 to Drive Traffic

Other than Adwords, you also can use any Web 2.0 platform to drive traffic as well, which are Twitter, Facebook,, Youtube and many many more. To me, the easier way will be using Twitter. All you need to do is setup a profile with your affiliate link with good introduction of yourself, writing one day one short message that promote your product and go to to find the people that you want to follow. Using the Keywords that you want to search, those people that related to your keyword will be displayed, all you need to do is following them. Before you start to do anything, please search for some auto response Twitter tools to auto sending the message to your follower.

Above are the methods that I have used which I think is very effective too. Thanks

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