Promoting Clickbank Product using Comparison Chart as Landing Page

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Create Clickbank Campaign using evaluation Chart as Squeeze Page

I did a research on this tactics before on 2 very famous forums where I have almost 80% of the members mentioning that the most easy way to prepare a landing page is using compare chart.


Instruction to prepare Clickbank Comparison Chart

Clickbank product compare chart


Reason why Clickbank Evaluation so successful

1) Summery of the important point with regards to the products
2) Pros and cons about the product
3) Your personal view about the product too
4) The most important is your rating about the product which will help your reader to choose, off course your rating must be honest and straight to the point


For this tactics, I would highly recommended to have more than one products in order for us to perform the comparison. Just drill down to Clickbank with certain keywords, pick top 3 of the products to compare. In term of the features, pros and cons you can get it from the sales letter to, just reprashed using your own words. If you have those product, that is even better. You opinion will be more persuasive.

Points to take note - using Clickbank Comparision Chart


On top that, you need the following elements into your sales letter too:
1) Opt-in form - to capture your Leads
2) Freebie - As a gift to your subscribers
3) Introduction about the products that you want to promote
4) Compare chart

Once that done, you are ready to promote the products.

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