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How to Run Clickbank Campaign using Forum

This tip is telling you on how to perform the Clickbank marketing campaign using Forum. First you need to identify what you want to sell, for example dog training is your keywords.


Tips to find and run a campaign for Clickbank using Forum

1) Login into Clickbank, go to marketplace. From the Keyword search tools, look for dog training and a list of the result will be displayed. Choose one that you feel is good.

2) Create the Hoplink and copy into somewhere in your notepad.

3) Go to and perform a search on dog training + "Forum".

4) Select the top 15 results and visit one by one to ensure that the forum that you visited got active threads that dated the date you performing the search.

5) From the 15, further list down into 5 to 6 final list that have active threads. Sign in the forum and create a profile there with a signature like "An retired dog trainer advise" and link back to the Clickbank hoplink that your have created. In other word, when people on your signature, it will take them back to the landing page of the product that you are training to promote. You need to look for user panel to create a signature inside the forum.

Note: Please take note that each forum has different rules, please read the rule before you even post anything. This is to prevent us getting banned by the Forum.

6) Once your are done with your signature, then try to participate on those active thread and let people notice that you are exist. Try to post as little as 3 to 5 post in a day on each forum. Do for one week and continue again from step 1 on other product.

7) Repeat from 1 to 6 again on other product.


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