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Get the picture of Clickbank Marketplace Data

Before you choose any product that you want to sell from Clickbank, you need to understand the details of the marketplace data the Clickbank shown to us, like product overview, profit that you will get and other details. We will then based on the data and make decision whether to go ahead to sell that product or not.


Tips Or Instruction of Reading Clickbank Marketplace Data

1) Login to Clickbank

2) Go to Marketplace

3) Key in the keyword of the product that you want to promote in the Keywords Text Box.

4) Once you have completed, click Search to continue and a list of the products will be displayed and you will notice that and the end of section of each product, the below format of data will be displayed too:
$/sale: $20.54 | Future $: $42.62 | Total $/sale: $20.54 | %/sale: 60.0% | %refd: 77.0% | grav: 13.36

Basically, we need to take note for a few items only, which are:
a) $/sale - The cost of the product

b) Future: - If this is a membership site, this amount of money will be charged to the purchaser

c) Total: - Total value of the product, usually this will be the same as (a).

d) %/sale: - The percentage of your commission that you will get from the sales, let's assume that the product is USD100, if is 50%, them your commission will be USD50.

e) grav: - This is the index from Clickbank to indicate how's the popularity of the product. The higher the better, remember as per guideline all affiliate Guru, we are advised to choose the product that higher Gravity than 70.

Remember to see that data of those before you decided what product that you want to sell.

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