How to Market Clickbank Product using E-zine

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Promoting Clickbank Product using E-zine

This tips only applicable to those already have a base on subscribers in between 100 to 500 subscribers. Basically, for this tips we need the following:
1) E-zine
2) Website or Landing Page (will be your E-zine)
3) Subscribers

Tips to research your Clickbank marketing strategy using E-zine

1) I will assume the your already got the list.

2) Next is performing the Keywords on the product that you want to promote, make sure that your keywords at least have 1000 search daily. The ideal with be good in between 1000 to 5000 search in order to have your site rank in #1.

3) Now, use your keyword and go to Cilckbank to search for the product to promote. Once you have the product, write your e-zine based on the product together with the keywords.

4) Once completed, send your E-zine articles to major article site like, aim for 20 to 25 articles site in order to get the maximum response.

5) The next will be submit your landing page to major search engine.

6) Send your E-zine to your list.


7) Repeat step 1 and 6 on other products.


8) You can list your E-zine in E-zine Directory too, by searching Google

Please take note by doing this, don't expect this will get a lot of sales in overnight but this will be a good and slow way to pull more consistent traffic as well as sales to you.

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