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How to boost up your Clickbank Sale

Want to boost Up Clickbank Sales

Recently I read one article from forum which I think is good to share with this which "Clickbank vendor Jeff Mulligan has created a very useful video showing how he increased sales for one of his Clickbank products over 22%".

Tips to Boost Up Clickbank Sales

1) When preparing your sales page, please remember to add your proof of your Clickbank order page into your sales page. In other words, you already bought the product and reviewed or used it before your even comments on anything.

2) By doing this, you can easily increase your visitor trust level with you where they knew that you use the product before and knew whether the product for them or not. Remember to do this carefully, if any negative impact to your landing page, your name will be hard to build up again in affiliate marketing.

This is something that we can keep as a reference when creating of our landing page. Good Luck.

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