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Why Excellent Clickbank Squeeze Page

A excellent squeeze page is very important to get a sales for now a days, without this sales page you are at the losing end and you hardly will move to anywhere.

Is very crucial if you want to successful in Cilckbank affiliate business. Take some time to think about what you want to put into your sales page.


Tips to Build up First Class Squeeze Page

1) Format

To give a good impression to you visitor, your landing page must be as formal as possible so that your visitor will have very good impression with you. Very good example of landing page is

2) Problem statements and your solution

Remember to write down your problem statement before you using this problem so that you visitor will having the impression that you are belong to the same gang with him or her. Once that done, writing down the solution with regards to your problem. But don't over promote it, as long as you cover your recommendation will do.

3) Introduction about you

In order to increase your visitor confident level, you must tell them who you are and where are you from. At least they know who is the one who promoting the product.

4) Web 2.0

If you can, please create either MP3 or video that sharing the experience about using the product as long as why you asking them to buy the product from you. High recommended software that can convert our document into MP3 - Natural Dragon.

5) Freebies

Remember to prepare some freebies to your purchaser if they buy this from you. This can be anything, MP3 on how to use the product and any Private Label Right e-book that related to the product that you are selling. Remember to list down what are the steps to claims this free product after they bought the product.

6) Affiliate Link

The last but not least will be your Clickbank Affiliate Link. Without this, you are earning nothing for your promotion.

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