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Using Yahoo Answer to get Free Clickbank Traffic

This was my recent found where a lot of affiliates are using Yahoo Answer to perform Clickbank Promotion. You know how they did it? Simple, they seem like using forum where you provide your solution to the problem. All you need to do are as below:


How to sign up Yahoo Answer and participate

1) Sign up with Yahoo Answer, which required you to have a Yahoo Account so that you can use it to sign up Yahoo Answer.

2) Once you have the id, please login into the Yahoo Answer.

3) Select the category that you want to participate and try at least 10 to 15 replies a day very specifically related to your niche for 2 weeks

4) Once you have that done, leave the product that you want to promote for a while, the reason is let your reader to have some time to read your reply before you can see the traffic

5) Continue step 1 to 4 again for other products. Keep doing this and you will see the result.


Instant Result from Yahoo Answer - My Sharing

I have did that and I do see a lot of traffic to my website, from 50 per days and now I almost have 100 unique visitors for now. I believe if I keep doing this, I will be able see the result soon.

I'm thinking this is something useful and I decided to share with those still finding ways to earn some money from Affiliate program. This is so far the free method that I have tried so far and almost within a week you should be able seeing the result.

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